The History of EFT Gatherings

I am absolutely delighted that EFT Gatherings are growing and spreading around the world. EFT Gatherings are community events for us all to learn and share from each other. EFT Gatherings are intended to be friendly, supportive and fun. Let me share with you the history…

by Gwyneth Moss

Back in 2006, I presented at the EFT Master Showcase in Denver with Carol Look and six of my fellow EFT Masters. Before the event I took the opportunity to explore and hike with my American hiking buddy Nancy in northern Colorado and Wyoming and on our travels we happened upon a Cowboy Gathering in the tiny town of Encampment, Wyoming. Well, it was quite something, there were cowboy stories and poetry and songs around a campfire, there was dancing and homemade music and all sorts of good local food and drink. All this went on for several friendly days and the cowboy community welcomed Nancy and myself as if we’d been in cattle country all of our days.

Sitting around the campfire the ranchers and cowpeople told us the principle of their events: everybody contributes and nobody gets paid. That way they keep costs down, build community and support everyone to share their knowhow and creativity.

Returning home I woke from a strange dream one morning with the word Gathering in my mind and decided that our tapping world needed community events like the cowboys. So I set to work and the first EFT Gathering happened in January 2009 at Craiglands in Ilkley. I started from the principle that this would be a friendly first stage for EFT practitioners and trainers to share from their practices, that everyone would contribute.

It worked. We had such good fun (including a salsa party) and learned so much. So we did it again in 2010. And again we learned and shared and partied together. Lasting connections, friendships and business partnerships were formed.

Gary Craig once told me that he considered our small (by American standards) island to be the greatest concentration of tappers on the globe and I agree with him.

EFT Master Rue Hass back in Colorado was so inspired by our event here that she organised the first US Gathering and I hear there has since been a second in New Mexico, plus Seattle and Canada are soon to follow. As our Ilkley event in January concluded, Roy Martin undertook to manage the 2011 UK Gathering in the Midlands. Well done Roy.

However I then had calls and emails from northerners and Scots who are reluctant to travel that far and Andy Eckley volunteered to manage a Gathering at Craiglands again for northerners. So in 2011 we had two! Jondi Whitis in New York then began the Spring Energy Event modelled on our Gatherings

In 2012 the original EFT Gathering found its new venue in York.  The international recognition of our event has meant we are able to attract experienced and inspiring presenters.    Our 9th Gathering and returned to our original home in Ilkley with both international presenters and home grown skills.

Now that Gatherings are spreading far and wide I would like to take this opportunity, as the one who started the ball rolling, to give my view of what an EFT Gathering is:

  • an EFT Gathering is run at low cost to keep prices low; everyone helps out however they can, even if its just by spreading the word
  • an EFT Gathering is a friendly and supportive for practitioners and trainers to share from their experiences
  • an EFT Gathering is a community event, open to all tappers and designed to encourage connections, friendships and networking

Several of our Gathering presenters have been launched in their tapping careers by presenting at the Gatherings

So let’s watch the Gatherings grow and spread and I look forward to seeing many of you again soon.

Gwyneth Moss
EFT Master

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