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EFT with Brainwave EEG

Exploring Consciousness

with EFT and EEG Brainwave Monitoring

Workshop Dates – BOOK NOW

12th January 2018 – £75

EFT tapping with live brainwave monitoring taught by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master and Steve Clark Neurofeedback specialist.  BOOK NOW

At the Cow&Calf Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Mind Mirror EEG display
Mind Mirror EEG Display

What Will You Learn?

You will see brainwaves made visible with a full explanation of what you are seeing.

We’ll demonstrate what is happening in consciousness when we tap. You’ll see the brainwaves calm and balance through lots of demonstrations.

You’ll be more effective with EFT by understanding the levels of consciousness made visible in the EEG brainwaves display

You’ll gain a true meaning of terms like ‘subconscious’ and ‘unconscious’ and a new appreciation of your day dreaming mind.  Thinking can get us deeper into a problem and you will understand why.

Plus you’ll get how Surrogate Tapping works and the magic of the deeper mind in reaching beyond the body

Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth Moss – EFT Master

Co-presenter Exploring Consciousness 23/24 September

Since first encountering the Mind Mirror technology in 2006, Gwyneth has been learning how tapping changes consciousness and how that learning helps us to be more skilful and effective EFT practitioners.

Now the Vilistus technology enables us to go further combining tapping with neurofeedback to benefit mood, cognition and behaviour

Steve Clark

Steve Clark – Vilistus Neurofeedback Technology

Co-presenter Exploring Consciousness, 23/24 September

Steve Clark is our neurofeedback technology specialist. His company Vilistus has developed the digital Mind Mirror which enables the display of brainwaves. Steve has a long history of fascination with both hardware, software and human wetware.

Only 5 Places Remaining!

Highly interactive workshop with full explanation of brainwaves and lots of live tapping and neurofeedback demos.  BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW

The Cow & Calf Inn

Our venue is up on the famous Ilkley Moor with glorious views and great food. Ilkley is easy to get to by road and rail.  Cow and Calf

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