Two Cats and a Puppy

Gwyneth’s original Surrogate Tapping article published by Gary Craig on Hi Everyone, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss from the UK helps us understand (1) how well EFT works for animals and (2) the power of surrogate EFT. Note how this was all done in a workshop setting where the animals were not even present. Hugs, … Read more

Surrogate tapping with toys

Surrogate Tapping with Toys

Surrogate Tapping with Toys Linda Wood originated the Magic Buttons bears for children and adults.  Here is a lovely story that illustrates the magic of the bears to help a whole family. Grandma and the Bear, by Linda Wood Recently, a lady emailed me and asked if I could help with her granddaughter who had … Read more

Surrogate Tapping

Surrogate Tapping

The Surrogate Tapping EFT Process by Gwyneth Moss In Gary Craig’s retirement blog post he said there are two things about EFT “What it does and Where it points” and that surrogate tapping is leading us to Where it points. When I first found EFT, the tapping itself was weird enough for me and the idea … Read more