Get the EFT Gathering 2018 Recordings

Twelve inspiring recordings from our brilliant EFT Gathering January 2018 including Gary Craig’s session on the Ultimate Therapist. Counts 12 hours towards Further Learning credit. Buy your EFT Gathering 2020 tickets and get a set of audios as your early bird gift. Use code early2020 at checkout.

  • Gary Craig – The Unseen Therapist and Optimal EFT
  • Gwyneth Moss – Meridian Energy
  • Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandstrom – The Aftermath of War
  • Jondi Whitis – The Joy of Mentoring
  • Linda Freeman – Clean Language Questions
  • The Best Family – Tapping through Our Family Story
  • Heather Carter – Laughter Tapping
  • Peta Gelder – Psychic Tapping
  • Kathy Adams – Sitting with Suffering
  • Osnat Shube – Do it Yourself
  •  Claire Cadburn – What My Children Taught Me
  • Steve Allen – Stage Fright

The EFT Gathering 2018 Audio Presenters

Early Bird Gifts

Buy Tickets for any of the EFT Gathering 2020 days and get a full set of audios as your early bird gift. Add the tickets and audios to your Cart and use Coupon Code early2020

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These audios and many more are free for members of the EFT Guild our friendly community of support and learning for EFT Practitioners. The EFT Guild is open to all who have completed EFT training to Level Two. Join us for practice, support, resources, weekly online events and new friendships.  Keep the spirit of the Gathering alive all year.

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