Helen Walker EFT Gathering

The EFT Gathering Hall of Fame

Our full list of Presenters since 2009. Each year we have invited EFT Practitioners and Trainers to share their experiences and EFT knowhow.  For many of these people it was their first time on a presenting to a large audience. They went on stage nervous and came off confident – the audience tapped for them.  Speaking at the Gathering has launched EFT careers and helped to spread the word: like a TED of Tapping.

There is a magical, uplifting atmosphere of enthusiasm and a strong community spirit whenever tappers get together.  The EFT Gatherings began when Gwyneth Moss was inspired by the warmth and hospitality of a Cowboy Gathering in Wyoming. She saw that the EFT world needed get togethers for EFT Practitioners to share experiences, learn from each other, network and make new friends.  

EFT Gathering Presenters 2019

Gwyneth Moss – Self Compassion Tapping

Trevor Tacey – Acing Recovery from Addiction

Kris Ferraro – More than Enough

Deborah Sampson – Were You Bullied?

Pat Ballantyne – Where is the Research

The Best Family – Tapping through Our Family Story

Anne Ryan – Tapping with the Unseen Therapist

Catie Bertoux – Tapping with the Elderly

Samantha Jordan – EFT in Detention

Jean Anderson – Tapping in Kenya

 Carl Stonier – Imaginal Tapping

Karen Ellis – EFT, the NHS and Me

EFT Gathering Presenters 2018

Gary Craig – The Unseen Therapist and Optimal EFT

Gwyneth Moss – Meridian Energy

Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandstrom – The Aftermath of War

Jondi Whitis – The Joy of Mentoring

Linda Freeman – Clean Language Questions

The Best Family – Tapping through Our Family Story

Heather Carter – Laughter Tapping

Peta Gelder – Psychic Tapping

Kathy Adams – Sitting with Suffering

Osnat Shube – Do it Yourself

 Claire Cadburn – What My Children Taught Me

Steve Allen – Stage Fright

EFT Gathering Presenters 2017

Gwyneth Moss – I Don’t Know

Martine Moorby – Spiritual EFT

Frances Goodall – Healing From Chronic Illness

Masha Bennett – Practitioner Self Care

Nikki Kyimba – Psychological Trauma

Steve Clarke and Gwyneth Moss – EFT and Brainwaves

Susie Foster – Tap Away School Stress

Penny French – EFT on Probabation

Heather Carter – Silent Tapping

Jane Taylor – EFT from the Outside

Andy Hunt – Benefits of Annoyance

Deborah Sampson – Basic Instinct

Pearl Lopian – Open Mike


Heather Carter Laughter Tapping

For 2017 we moved to our new venue the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley. The move enabled us to nearly halve the ticket price. People loved the community feel and sitting at small cafe style tables.

EFT Gathering Presenters 2016

Jacqui Crooks – Coming Home to Yourself

Janet Allen – Home Sweet Home

Sejual Shah – EFT for Business

Andrea Pusey – The Autistic Spectrum

Deborah Donndelinger – Family Energetics

David Feinstein PhD – The Science and the Practice of EFT

Philip Davis & Christine Sutton – Picture Tapping

Jahcrea – People Helping People

Emily de Demko – Sunday Morning Borrowing Benefits

Yvonne Toeset – Unravelling Survival Strategies

Kris Ferraro – Marketing Miracles

Gwyneth Moss – Blow Your Own Trumpet

DSC_0264 copy
Helen Walker

EFT Gathering Presenters 2015

Helen Walker – Spiritual Anxiety 

Jondi Whitis – Newtown and Beyond 

Gene Monterastelli – Taking Action 

Janey Downshire – The Teenager Brain 

Ann Adams – Discussion EFT and Teens 

Gwyneth Moss – Self Compassion 

Kris Ferraro – The Miraculous 

Masha Bennett – EFT and EMDR 

Linda Wood – Magic Parenting 

Janey Lee Grace – Going Mainstream 

Jondi Whitis
Linda Wood EFT Gathering
Gene Monterastelli at EFT Gathering

EFT Gathering Presenters 2014

Sue Beer – The Power of Vows

Ros Barber – Tapping into Inspiration

Deborah Sampson – EFT Grand Designs

Andy Bryce – Tapping and Toning

Gary Craig – Skilful EFT

Gwyneth Moss – What Have I Learned

Sarah Naylor – Seeing a Future

Jan Mustchin – The ISIS project

Linda Wood – Two Sides of the Coin

Gwyneth Moss at EFT Gathering
EFT Gathering Audience

EFT Gathering Presenters 2013

Gwyneth Moss – I Don’t Deserve It

Abigail Tearse – Tapping At The Coal Face of Pain

Gary Williams – Inside The Hub

Ruth Ablett – The Cycle of Life

Helen Walker – The Soul Purpose of EFT

Dr Johannes Bircher – A New Model of Health

Dr Susie Foster – Ten Minute Tapping

Heather Smiles – Equine PTSD 

Gwyneth Moss, Pat Ballentyne EFT Gathering
Helen Walker EFT Gathering

EFT Gathering Presenters 2012

Maureen Fearon – I Am The Love Guru

Emma Bailey – From Horses to Humans

Marcia Fletcher – Scientific Research, Us v. Them?

Megan Smith – Could it be the Medicine?

Jo Peace – Chi Gung

Jenny Gilmore – Understanding Chronic Fatigue

Yvonne Toeset – Writing About EFT

Jessica Mor – More Courage, More Present

George Brooks – Self Help for Self Harm

Annie Kaszina – He Loves Me, He Hurts Me

Aryanne Oade – Recovery from Workplace Bullying

Brian Snellgrove – Through Your Client’s Eyes

Joe Potter – No Hands Tapping 

EFT gathering lunch
Gwyneth presents EFT

For 2012 we moved to the Royal York Hotel and enjoyed superb conference facilities and a delicious sit down lunch. We stayed with the Royal York for five years until they raised the price beyond our reach.

EFT Gathering Presenters 2011

Sean Grey – EFT for Performance Anxiety

Heather Carter – Attraction

Andy Hunt – Dissolving Unhelpful Identity Beliefs

June Spencer – Inner Repatterning

Jessica Mor – The Courage to be Present

Sarah Holland – EFT for Fertility

Claire Hayes – Autism Parent Support

Phil Reed – Finding the Space to Care

John Bullough – Building Thriving Relationships

Karen Young – Tapping for Myself

Karen Lewis – EFT not HRT

Jay Kelly – Holistic Cancer Support

Jan Mustchin – Everyday Life with Cancer

Frances Goodall – CFS/ME and Spiritual Emergency 

Jessica Mor
John Bullough

EFT Gathering Presenters 2010

Dr Kate James – Integrative Cancer Care 

Sarah Marshall – M.E. and Me 

Heather Smiles – Horses, Humans and EFT 

Masha Bennett – Psycho Speak! 

Joan Draper – Tapping with Smokers 

Rangana Choudhuri – Passion and Purpose  

Bennie Naude – Shame, the ‘S’ Word 

Shoshana Garfield – Help for Severe Trauma 

Michelle Hardwick – Clearing Intense Emotions 

Enid Welford – Transactional Analysis and EFT 

Anne Unsworth – Tapping in Schools 

Ruth Ablett – EFT and Cuddle Therapy 

Roy Martin – Tapping into your Business Potential 

EFT Gathering

EFT Gathering Presenters 2009

Linda Wood – Weighty Issues

Christine Sutton and Phil Davies – Emotional Scale

Diane Holliday – EFT in Mediation

Martine Moorby – Tapping for Others

Liz Kirsopp – Its Not Like Gary’s dvds

Margaret Abraham – EFT Hopscotch

Alan Morison – Cutting Cords

Karin Davidson – Using Your Intuition with EFT

Gillian Wightman – Hearing Voices

Ranjana Appoo – Community EFT

Dave Wharton – Meditation, Brainwaves and EFT

June Spencer and Yolande Armstrong – Depression

Frances Songhurst – Transforming Hatred

Anne Grey – The Power of Love

Our first ever EFT Gathering was at the Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley.