Get Your Tickets

Its easy to book your place for the EFT Gathering.  Just use this link Book Your Place Now which takes you to our registration system.  You put in your email and then on the next page your Name, Address and phone number. Please enter your name and town as you would like it to appear on your badge.

You have the option to exclude your name from the directory we share with others who attend the event. We do not share, sell or distribute your data to anyone else.

Then you can choose if you want to book the EFT Gathering weekend or just Saturday or Sunday only.  You can add on the Monday or Friday whole day workshops.   If you book the weekend and want to add the workshops you can do that later or email us and we will do that for you.

On the Checkout page you tick to say that you have read the terms and conditions and then the finish button at the foot of the page.

We’ll send you an email with instructions how to pay.

When you pay by Bank Transfer it saves us the processing fee so if you make your bank transfer within 7 days, we will give you a £5 discount for each item you book.  You can just deduct £5 for each item when you make your payment – please within 7 days.  Otherwise you pay the full amount on the invoice.

You will then receive a confirmation email and receipt which will contain links to your early bird audio gifts and the full 90min session with Gary Craig.

And each month we will send all who have booked and paid another selection of audio recordings of our last brilliant event.  Here are the gifts you will receive

We hope the process is clear and do get in touch if you have any questions our email is

with best wishes


Here is the link again:  Book Your Place Now