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Saturday 4pm

Weighty Resistance



In my session I will be discussing some of the most common reasons I have discovered that prevent people from achieving their goal, and why tapping may not seem to be doing the amazing work we all know it can and prevent clients making lasting change, be it weight or other issues. I hope to share some of the questioning techniques and concepts about weight, through the eyes of a practitioner and a client. 

One of my key skills is my intuitive ability to discover clients hidden limiting beliefs that create resistance to change and help them clear them quickly. I specialise in weight loss, anxiety and working with teenagers. I also believe my sense of humour and creativity are great tools in the therapy room. Who said healing couldn’t be fun?

I am an experienced practitioner. Fluidly combining elements of EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and other techniques. I have been using techniques with clients for nearly 20 years, and like many, I found myself working with these techniques in order to help himself clear my own stuff.
I had developed a severe social anxiety disorder and a debilitating fear of heights, and using the above techniques I made some shifts but nothing like the shifts I was observing in my clients. Determined to keep going though, I started to explore the concept of resistance, beyond simple psychological reversal. Asking questions of myself and others to uncover the true hidden causes of lack of change.

During this time I also started to explore using the techniques to shift the excess weight I had been carrying for too many years. Diets had always been a huge part of my family, since being a teenager I have all been on one diet or another. At my largest I had a 48 inch waist and size 13 shoes. Elasticated waist school trousers give any potential bully enough ammunition for a full-fledged attack. I learnt that losing weight isn’t just something you do with your body, your beliefs have to change too. After all, in this day and age everyone knows the basics of weight loss, so why don’t we just go and do it? For me it wasn’t as simple as changing my beliefs in order to lose weight, first I had to change my beliefs about changing my beliefs, if you follow? When I managed that, the self-sabotage and resistance to losing weight disintegrated. Did I need to diet consciously? Sometimes, but not all the time. The weight just gradually came off. I am now a 36 inch waist and my feet shrank to a size 11 without the extra weight flattening them out. Has it been a one way ticket to slim city? no, not all the time, and there have been times when I have put some weight back on. The difference is how I feel about myself and how I feel about my body when I do. I no longer resent who I am and am comfortable in my own skin, I’m genuinely much happier, whatever weight I am at the time.