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”The Big C”

Using EFT to support people going through the cancer experience.


Many of us have had some experience of cancer, either personally or we have known someone close who has been affected. Just the word “Cancer” can evoke strong emotion and the effects of cancer diagnosis reach into and disrupt every area of life.

The process of dealing with it, or helping someone else to deal with it, can seem huge, complex and overwhelming. However, EFT used as a complementary therapy alongside the medical treatment (but not replacing it) provides a superb tool for navigating through the whole cancer experience. It supplements whatever counselling sessions may be available and aids resolution of whatever issues can be resolved along the way. There is no reason why EFT Practitioners cannot help themselves or their clients though the cancer journey, a journey into fear and back again.

Christine and Philip will share stories from our own experiences of helping people to work through the cancer process, useful pointers for how to begin and proceed with clients, the ethical and legal aspects of the work and a glimpse of the unexpected rewards that can come from the process.


Christine Sutton

Christine`s training and background has been in biological sciences, medical research and adult education. She has worked for a few years as a Chiropodist in private practice before deciding to change to Complementary therapies (Reiki, Reflexology and EFT) in 2003-2004. Since that time EFT has become a very significant part of that work, first as a practitioner and then also as a trainer for EFT International.

Christine`s private practice is fairly broad and includes clients with depression, anxiety, chronic pain and low self-esteem as well as clients who are working their way through the cancer process. She also does some work for the West Midlands Breast Cancer Haven. Though the clients and presenting issues are diverse the underlying theme is always to help clients to identify the areas of their lives where a connection with Love has gone missing and then find ways to reconnect. Whether or not it is acknowledged openly there is a very real spiritual journey underpinning everyone`s healing pathway.  It is a journey away from Fear and back towards Love and Joy.

Philip Davis

Philip`s journey into Complementary therapy work for himself and others began with Reiki. Then he found Gary Craig`s EFT and was fascinated by how versatile and effective it could be, even in fairly unskilled hands. Philip wanted to know more; he studied more, experimented more and has now been a professional EFT Practitioner and Trainer for EFT International for the last 15 years.

Philip`s private EFT practice is fairly broad including many clients with depression and anxiety but also some with very intense trauma histories. Recently he has begun to work with one of the charities that funds EFT treatment for war veterans.

As well as developing and running training courses in EFT at all levels Philip, with Christine`s help, has also developed Picture Tapping Technique (PTT) as a powerful extension of EFT work. PTT has proved to be a valuable and worthwhile addition to the EFT toolkit of techniques. Clients really enjoy sessions with PTT and it is also a hit with the many EFT practitioners who have taken the PTT training and then have used it in their own practice.


Christine and Philip have been married since 2014 and have been running Phoenix EFT in partnership since 2005 and since that time it has become successful combined therapy and training practice based in Solihull, West Midlands. They have now trained well over a thousand EFT students and have seen many of them develop into competent, confident Practitioners.

If you are interested in trying one to one therapy sessions with Philip or Christine, or training in EFT, Reiki or Picture Tapping Technique from beginner through to professional practitioner and trainer levels then please have a look at their website and contact them.