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Deborah Sampson
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Were You Ever Bullied?

 The experience of being bullied is never trivial and can lead to chronic stress and tension, depression, relationship problems and a tendency to overreaction.

Asking the question directly can trigger somebody’s defence mechanisms. A person who has been bullied has been singled out for some particularity, and the individual may perceive an admission as tantamount to weakness.

Bullying is rarely a one-off, and though each incidence may be in itself traumatising, it’s the repetition over a duration of time that is so toxic. Bullying sets the bullied up to expect and anticipate. It creates ‘false-truths’ about self-worth, responsibility and safety long after their ‘sell-by date’.  Leaving a school, job or relationship may leave the bully behind but not the experience of being bullied.  

So how do we detect bullying? EFT can help in many ways. I’ll share some tips and stories to enable you to understand how best to help with tapping. And we’ll also have a demonstration.

Deborah Sampson

As a former actress, I grew accustomed to playing roles in my life. It demanded an ability to get into the skin of someone to understand how they functioned. But it’s EFT that has truly enabled me to understand and process the stories of our lives, our relationships and our families.

Working as an aromatherapist and reflexologist for many years,  I have always been interested in finding ways of naturally helping the body to heal from its various ailments and diseases. Moving to rural France 23 years ago (and living now in the straw-bale house featured on Grand Designs), I found myself working with several generations of the same family and began to see patterns and symptoms emerging.

Essential oils and massage helped very often to alleviate the symptoms, but I felt I was missing a tool to go deeper and to clear underlying beliefs. Just at that time I was introduced to the gift of EFT. It has deepened my practice, enabling me to help many more people get free of their past. 



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