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Duality Tapping Workshop

A day with Linda is not to be missed and this is a rare opportunity to learn from her here in the UK. This is the full write up of Duality Tapping from Linda’s website:

Some years ago, I was introduced to a technique for exploring the flow of consciousness. On its own, it is an amazing mental tool, but once I began experimenting with and adding what I call “Flow tapping,” I soon realized, that this combination becomes a gold mine for helping us DISCOVER and CLEAR those hidden denied parts of ourselves that are so difficult to get to by ourselves.

The Tapping Methods that I have added to this technique multiply the power of this at least 10 fold. The principles become a ‘road map’ to go with our tapping, helping us know how to navigate our own issues and also helping us navigate our clients to find their deepest most hidden, denied parts of themselves and specific events which are holding their unbalanced repeated patterns of behaviour in place, patterns which are preventing them from moving towards what they are wanting in their lives.

Map of Consciousness

I’ve spent the past year studying this Map of Consciousness and developing Tapping Techniques to make an extremely valuable tapping tool for helping us find our very deeply hidden stuff. This stuff must eventually all be brought to the surface on our Journey back to our True Selves. We must face even the darkest most hidden parts in order to work our way back to Unity Consciousness, all that is, or enlightenment.

The techniques are based on the fact that consciousness has a structure or a pattern. When we find ourselves repeating certain patterns of behaviour, or having the same themed problems returning to us over and over again, there is a problem or a knot in this pattern of consciousness. Once we can understand how to draw this pattern out so that we visually see how our consciousness flows, then insert our problem issue into the map, we then have everything that we need right in front of us so that we can diligently tap and dig down to where and why we are stuck, then clear and balance. As one therapist said at my recent presentation: “Once you draw out this map, tap and fill in all your data, there is no place for your rejected parts to hide.”


Once you have filled in your map, you then will then look for:

1) Specific Events

2) Old Vows
3) Limiting Beliefs
4) Places where one belief is fighting another one, keeping you gridlocked.

5) From where or whom you inherited this pattern and why

6) Previously hidden aspects

You now have much more tapping information and can collapse even more issues in just one session than you would have previously been able to do. It’s also as if you are coming up from under the issue and pulling it out by the roots. All you have to do is to take the info that you have gathered and tap all over it going into the specific events, breaking down the limiting beliefs, clearing and balancing those parts of your consciousness that are fighting each other (i.e I desire money, yet Money is evil, or I deserve to be successful yet who am I to think I could be successful). Most of the time we do not know that we have these two opposing parts of ourselves. With this map, while we tap, each part is allowed to have a voice.

Another advantage of this is that you cannot get lost. You can stray off to tap on something specific when it comes up, then just refer back to your map to know where you have left off. It couldn’t be easier to stay on track.

One day, after I finished working on a pattern of procrastination for myself, I looked over my map of information and asked myself: “Where did this pattern come from?” Almost immediately I recognized, with great surprise, that it was a pattern that my Dad had run and that I had somehow and for some reason picked it up from him. I then began to tap and ask myself, “I wonder why I adopted this pattern?” It was then that emotions began to surface and I saw that I had tried to make things easier for him by adopting his pattern of consciousness. I went on to tap with this for quite a few minutes, clearing all the emotions, taking some time to remember and tap on a couple specific events, then finish by reassuring myself that I was not helping him by continuing this pattern and that perhaps it was time to let it go. As you cover all this material, it is very important to keep a good flow of tapping going. Tapping is what brings it up from the subconscious and clears and balances it.

With our normal way of using EFT, I’m not sure I would have ever previously found this pattern. It was definitely an important one for me to clear if I ever had any hope of being able to move forward in my career

This Workshop

Linda teaches with passion and a keen awareness of the needs of her audience. The day will have live demonstrations, exercises and discussion.

Linda Wood

Linda is a fabulous teacher, people come away informed with new knowledge and inspired to put it into practice. She has been tapping with inspiration, intuition and compassionate common sense for fifteen years.

Linda taught this workshop at a previous Gathering to great acclaim:

I took my newly developed “Duality Balancing Tapping Techniques” to The EFT Gathering 2014  in York, UK and taught an all day fully-booked Workshop on the following Monday, going into more detail and doing more demonstrations. As I will in this workshop. Very positive and exciting feedback is still coming in from those who have gone home to put their newly learned techniqes to use.

Many are using what I taught them that day in York very successfully with previously ‘stuck’ or ‘gridlocked’ clients. Others who had been struggling to get to their own deeper issues are having much greater personal success with these techniques.

Normally, when I teach in the UK, because the British are much more reserved, I do not get a lot of volunteers who want to sit up front and lay their emotions out in public whilst I tap to demonstrate EFT for the group. But once they watched me demonstrate this technique and saw the benefits of it, I must have had over a dozen people come up to me at lunch break and volunteer to be my next demo. To me that says a LOT about this Tapping tool. Everyone who has tried tapping on themselves knows how challenging it is to get to your own stuff. This makes it so much easier. The real excitment comes when you have specific events that you’ve tapped on before, then go back with this technique and find those missing pieces.





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