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Gwyneth Moss
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SUNDAY 10:00

Self Compassion not Self Criticism

People-helpers respond with an instant compassion reflex to the distress of others. Yet we often react to our own suffering with judgement, self-criticism and self-blame. As if criticism were an effective motivator! And of course it isn’t.

Gwyneth met Kristin Neff the author of research, writing and TED talks on Self Compassion when both were teaching at Esalen. This inspired Gwyneth to craft her beautifully simple Self-Compassion tapping.

Self Compassion tapping invites you to be your own secret invisible friend. Across time and space we build secure attachment between the adult and child self through understanding, acceptance and compassion that by-pass criticism, judgement and blame.

Thus we can bring home the lost parts of ourselves to fill the holes that nothing else can satisfy. And most importantly feel the kindness and compassion for ourselves that is truly motivating.

Gwyneth Moss

I love how tapping is always teaching me more about what it means to be human and to be the best of ourselves. After living and working all over the world I returned to Yorkshire and an inner journey.

For 18 years now I’ve been tapping, teaching and finding that this delightful process gets easier and goes deeper.  I see clients every week and learn more from them.  You can make an appointment at

Its been a real delight every year to welcome the EFT community to Yorkshire and the EFT Gathering. Its such a special event.



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