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SATURDAY 12:30pm

Womb Twin Survivors

Have you ever felt that there was ‘something missing’, that you were running emotions, or repeating patterns of behaviour, that didn’t fully make sense, that didn’t seem to have an explanation yet had ‘always been there’?  For me, they centred around loss and abandonment.


As EFT practitioners, we know the importance of getting back to core events, and we’re aware that they often lead us back to early childhood years or even pre-birth.  In this session, I share how Picture Tapping (PTT) revealed that I am a Womb Twin Survivor, and how EFT helped me process and heal what that meant for me personally – its impact on my life and who I am.  Then I’ll explore how we, as EFT practitioners, can better understand and help clients who may themselves be Womb Twin Survivors.

Download Womb Twin Survivors Handout

Hilary Jones

My background is in education – but much of my life experience is in living with a long-term medical condition.  As a volunteer I have delivered chronic disease self-management courses for charities, the Expert Patient Programme and Dept of Health, both in the community and online, and contributed to the training of health professionals at my local university, to help make a positive difference to health care for individuals and the future. 

When I discovered tapping at first I was sceptical and later blown away by just how powerful and far-reaching this simple technique can be.  Now I devote my energy and skills to the practice and training of EFT, and serve on the board of EFT International.  I specialise in the relief of emotional and physical pains and a wide spectrum of traumas. My base is in the West Midlands, UK, but I work online or by phone as well.

EFT has profoundly helped me in my journey towards health and wholeness, and continues to support my wellbeing on a daily basis.  Until a few years ago, I had never heard of Womb Twin Survivors and certainly had no awareness of a twin who didn’t go to term.  A revelation so unexpected and so fundamental to identity is naturally something of a shock (yet also a relief, providing answers).  It took time to absorb – and I owe a big ‘thank you’ to the EFT pros who were there for me, and not least to EFT itself!