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SUNDAY 4:15pm

Healing the Ancestors

We’re all influenced by the people who were here before us. our ancestors and where they lived and the experiences they had and more importantly the beliefs they created about their experiences. All those things get passed down the family line, both genetically and by the way our families behave and the things they tell us, which means we’re not just living with our own “stuff” but with hundreds and maybe thousands of other peoples stuff too!!

If you want to know what that’s like, just look at your life right now:) and imagine how much more easily things might flow, if you only had your own” stuff” to deal with.

And it can be very easy to clear the things that aren’t ours. To acknowledge what our ancestors went through, thank them for their part in our lives and let go of the stuff that isn’t ours, so we can be more ourself than we’ve ever been.

We’ll be doing this for ourselves in this practical, interactive session, working as a group, tapping to clear anything we’re carrying that’s not ours, anything that’s not us, so we can move forward, lighter and more resourced, to live our lives, for us. What a great way to finish what I know will be a lovely weekend of connection, clearing and learning:) I look forward to seeing you there:)

Jacqui Crooks

Jacqui is one of the pioneers in using Energy Psychology, finding EFT IN 1999, her life’s not been the same since! She is an International speaker and trainer and an EFT Founding Master.

She specializes in helping people to change limiting beliefs and old family and ancestral patterns that create self sabotage and keep people stuck.  

Her background is in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP and through the development of unique ways of combining EFT with hypnotic language and NLP, Jaqui is able to help effect deep level changes quickly and easily without trauma. 

She runs retreats in interesting places and trains EFT, worldwide. She presents at conferences and is one of the authors of EFT and Beyond.