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Kris Ferraro
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You Are More Than Enough to Make a Difference

No matter where you go in the world, across every culture, the most widely held belief is, “I’m not good enough.” This belief shows up in the lives of EFT practitioners who feel stuck in an endless loop of waiting.

Waiting to be healed enough, educated enough, marketed enough, smart enough, thin or beautiful enough to get out there and widen their circle of helping others. This “not good enough” concept goes against out innate spiritual nature, that we are all equal and valuable exactly as we are, right now.

Kris Ferraro will discuss her own journey of not feeling good enough and how she used EFT to create the courage to step out, speak up, and make a difference in the lives of clients, students, and audiences. 

Kris Ferraro

Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Teacher, and sought after Inspirational Speaker. She left a lengthy career in social services to guide others with energy practices, including EFT and energy medicine.

Kris frequently speaks to diverse groups on how purpose, love, faith, and balanced energy are the ancient antidotes to modern stress caused by our current climate of constant uncertainty. A lifelong learner in the areas of personal growth, healing, and religious/spiritual history and education, Kris applies this knowledge in her own life, teachings, writings, and her professional coaching practice. 

She is the creator of Spiritual Freedom Techniques, a series of processes that combine spiritual practices and principles with EFT for super charged transformation.

When not traveling, she lives in Montclair, NJ, with her cats Ling and The Baby Cheetah.



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