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Duality Tapping

Unfortunately, Linda’s husband has to have major surgery a few days before our event. Linda will not be able to be with us and Gwyneth will deliver this session

Linda Wood says:  consciousness has a structure or a pattern. When we find ourselves repeating certain patterns of behaviour, or having the same themed problems returning to us over and over again, there is a problem or a knot in this pattern of consciousness.

Duality Tapping Technique gives us a way to map this pattern out so that we visually see how our consciousness flows in relation to our problem issue. We then have everything that we need right in front of us so that we can diligently tap and dig down to where and why we are stuck, then clear and balance.

As one therapist said after a Duality Tapping presentation: “Once you draw out this map, tap and fill in all your data, there is no place for your rejected parts to hide.”

Everyone who has tried tapping on themselves knows how challenging it is to get to their own stuff. This process makes it so much easier. The real excitment comes when you have specific events that you’ve tapped on before, then go back with this technique and find those hidden, missing pieces.

Once you have filled in your map, you then will then look for:

1) Specific Events
2) Old Vows
3) Limiting Beliefs
4) Places where one belief is fighting another one, keeping you gridlocked.
5) From where or whom you inherited this pattern and why
6) Previously hidden aspects

You now have much more tapping information and can collapse even more issues in just one session than you would have previously been able to do. It’s also as if you are coming up from under the issue and pulling it out by the roots. All you have to do is to take the info that you have gathered and tap all over it,going into the specific events, breaking down the limiting beliefs, clearing and balancing those parts of your consciousness that are fighting each other (i.e I desire money, yet Money is evil, or I deserve to be successful yet who am I to think I could be successful). Most of the time we do not know that we have these two opposing parts of ourselves or that these opposing parts also have two sides. With this map, while we tap, each part is allowed to have a voice.

Another advantage of this is that you cannot get lost. You can stray off to tap on something specific when it comes up, then just refer back to your map to know where you have left off. It couldn’t be easier to stay on track.

For more Duality Tapping come to Linda’s Full Day Workshop on the Monday after the Gathering, 27th January 

Linda Wood (by Gwyneth Moss)

Quite simply, Linda changes lives and I am honoured to have her as my friend. We met when Gary Craig came over to the UK in 2005 and have been tapping and talking together ever since. We are always learning from each other, techniques of mine pop up in Linda’s work and her innovations have enriched my practice and understanding of EFT.  Her Duality Tapping is a really significant contribution to our tapping world.

Linda pioneered All Day Intensives and hundreds came to her (then) Lancashire home for the radical transformation of a day’s deep cleaning. She inspired many with her advanced workshops on Tapping Bears, Running Weight Loss Groups and of course Duality Tapping. 

Our friendship and tapping talk continue now Linda is back in her native USA. Often when we talk we would come up with new insights and say ‘we should have recorded that’ so we did and you can listen in on our Tapping Talk conversations 

Linda continues to offer EFT by zoom or skype and you can make appointments for your own transformation.