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Meridian Energy
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FRIDAY 9:30am to 3:30pm

Meridian Energy

In EFT and all tapping techniques we are stimulating acupressure points to balance flow in the meridian energy system. Just as we can drive a car and know nothing about how the engine works, so we can get results with tapping and know nothing about traditional Chinese medicine.

This is a workshop to introduce you to the beauty, simplicity and life-enhancing flows that lie beneath our tapping points with an emphasis on that which is practical, helpful and natural. We will cover:

= Yin and Yang, Qi and the Five Elements

= Why we tap where we tap and what is happening when we tap

= the main energy flows in the body and how they relate to the Five Elements and the tapping points

= how energy flows like tides throughout the day and night and why some people may wake at 3am

= how the Five Elements can help you find what an issue is all about

= bringing the five elements into your home, food and colour schemes and how the elements feed or control each other

= a mediative and calming sequence for a silent, healing tapping routine

This is designed to stimulate your curiosity so that you can learn and benefit more from other websites, books and media on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gwyneth Moss

I've been tapping since 2001 and have been a constant innovator. Conversations with my acupuncturist colleagues at Ilkley Healing Centre sparked my curiosity about Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements.  Particularly I have sought to understand  how such knowledge can be useful for EFT Practitioners.

In my life this learning has informed my diet, home decoration and emotional balance. Most importantly its given me a new perspective on clients and helped me to ask questions that get to energetic causes of observed and felt symptoms.

This one day workshop is open to all.  There will be teaching, demonstrations and exercises. 



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