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Do it Yourself

What can we do if we experienced childhood situations that were scary and difficult for us and the lessons that we learnt from them were ones such as, ‘it’s all my fault’, ‘I am bad’ and ‘there is no one there to hear me or help me’?

Then finally after many years of searching and trying to overcome those lessons, we find EFT. What if we understand that it has the potential to set us free, that a very experienced EFT practitioner could probably help us heal, but we can’t access that, because our stuff is too scary, we can’t trust and can’t really pay for long term top quality therapy?

When Osnat was asking herself those questions just over two years ago, the answer came form within. You can try Doing It Yourself. That was the beginning of an amazing healing process of clearing the history of about 50 years of stuff. With an unstoppable drive for emotional freedom, she tapped herself out of a painful past, into a calmer, pain free present and an exciting future, full of possibilities.

Osnat deeply believes that EFT is a precious gift for everyone. She loves EFT, lives EFT and is always happy to talk about it, especially about how valuable it is as a self help tool.

Osnat Shube

Osnat came to know EFT in its amazing capacity just over 2 years ago as a client who approached a local EFT practitioner saying, I need help, I’m doing my best, but my best is not good enough. She understood the potential of EFT straight away and knew that what she wanted more than anything else is to heal herself and become an EFT practitioner so that she can help others too, particularly children.

A year later she trained with Gwyneth for level I and II, and joined the EFT Guild. She taps everyday for herself and often taps surrogately for her children. She is now in the process of becoming a confident, skilful EFT practitioner.

She is an active member of the Guild where there is always so much more to learn about EFT from the many gifted, experienced and enthusiastic friends who love EFT.



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