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Pat Ballantyne
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SUNDAY 11:30am

Using Research to Enhance Your EFT Practice

Do you get asked “where is the research?” or told “there is no research”

Developed outside the mainstream academic and healthcare system it has taken a while for the research to catch up with the practice.  To be respected and published, research needs to be carried out to a professional research methodology.  Few outside academia have those skills and few inside the Universities and research institutes want to stake their career and reputation on something that so challenges accepted thought.

This picture is changing though and EFT and related energy psychology methods now have a growing body of published and peer reviewed academic research.

Pat is Chair of AAMET’s Research Team and at the Gathering will be talking about the current research, why research is necessary, what research you can use to deal with the sceptics you encounter in your work and how you can contribute to research. There’s been some recent exciting developments in research, which you won’t want to miss. 

Pat Ballantyne

Pat’s background is in psychology, she was trained at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. She then trained in EFT in 1999 at UWA with Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake. She used EFT in her practice as an addictions counsellor and later in her work as a mental health counsellor. In 2003, Pat returned to the UK, where she got a job in the NHS as a counsellor, working in Primary Care as a Mental Health Worker. She introduced EFT to the team and since 2004 has used EFT almost exclusively in her work. She works with clients who are mostly referred by doctors and other medical professionals and works with trauma, anxiety, depression, phobias, pain management, insomnia and other issues as they present.




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