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The Surprises of Midlife

Nobody told me about this!


Just when the kids are raised and the career is on cruise control, life throws a detour at you. Are you barely coping with and unprepared for life’s demands that you never realized you’d have to deal with or that you are surprised by the intensity of? I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster of sorts myself,  the past couple of years with my mother’s sudden passing, my father-in-law’s passing, my step-father-in-law’s passing and the overseeing of care for my 90 year old father. There are things I’ve had to grapple with that I never could have anticipated and no one ever warned me about. I’ve had to dig deep to remain calm and carry on. I don’t know how I could have managed without Energy Therapies and Tapping.

Are you entangled with the challenges of aging parents (and I don’t mean, helping them with their taxes) I mean helping them remember whether they paid a bill or took their medication. I mean, running over to their place with yet more hearing aid supplies so they can hear conversation at their retirement home. Or how about being saddened as you watch their loss of memory, ability to walk or cognitive abilities or watching their body deteriorate and fail when their mind is very active and healthy.
Is your body doing weird stuff it’s never done before? Are you coping with adult children who are struggling when you thought they were aptly and handily launched? Are you having to dive deeply into your own health challenge that you never could have foreseen?
Midlife throws curve balls at you. Those unexpected demands, requests, choices, late career dives, emotional challenges and boundary issues that you never saw coming.
Let’s explore and tap together allowing EFT to work it’s magic as it supports us and keeps our heads above water to navigate the ups and downs of midlife “surprises”

Susan Bushell B.Sc.

EFT International Master Trainer

I’m an intuitive Energy Therapist who found Energy Therapies in my early 40s when previously unforeseen intuitive abilities “opened up”. I have been in private practice in Guelph, Ontario, Canada since 2003 and specialize now in Energy Psychology. I adore working with and facilitating clients’ personal and spiritual transformation and have an expertise in working with all aspects of trauma, sad or fearful feelings as well as fear of change and loss of Self. 
I also teach, supervise and accredit EFT students all over Canada. I have been married for 34 years and have raised 3 children. I hope I never have to fully retire as I love doing what I’ve chosen to do at this point in my life and look forward to keeping my mind and body sharp while still assisting those who choose to work with me.  I hope to still be dancing and riding my bicycle in my 90s. Fingers crossed 💃🏽 🚴 🤞