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Our Family EFT Story

Last year, the three of us got up as a family during the open mike session at The Gathering and shared a bit of our story, and the role we believe EFT has played in bringing our family back together. 

All of us came to EFT at different times and for different reasons, but we believe the outcome for all of has been transformative, both individually and consequently as a family unit. 

Our family’s journey has certainly not been easy – separation, pain, hurt, guilt, confusion, sorrow and breakdown in communication have all played their part. We want to share how tapping made way for healing, positive transformation… and a Christmas Miracle! 

We hope our story may be useful to you, and the clients you work with. 


I came to EFT in 2009, when a panic attack at drama school left me riddled with anxiety. Seven years of tapping in to my own personal journey, I decided to train as an EFT practitioner, with the brilliant Martine Moorby. I am now combining my years of experience as an actor and drama facilitator to complete an MA in dramatherapy at the university of Roehampton. I am particularly interested in working with children who have complex emotional needs, and their families… it is no coincidence that my own family story was not straight forward! I am thankful that my life experience has led me here today…never in a million years would I have thought this possible.

Yorkshire born but reared in many places, I currently live in Reading with my partner, Kerrie and puppy, Lola.

I am also the daughter of Keith and Carol and sister to Mark….who I am continually trying to convert to the wonders of EFT!



Accepting ‘Me’ Accepting ‘I’. I live and I continue to learn! I am a great fan of Eckhart Tolle and love his book The Power of Now. I was brought up a Catholic and despite schooling I have never managed to read the bible from cover to cover, I have however  managed to read Eckhart several times. 

I feel that I have had so many ‘lessons’ in life and perhaps I have been a slow learner which is maybe why I continued to ‘fall in the hole!’ 

I encountered counselling in 1996 until 2006 with several organisations. I acknowledge that this therapy seemed to pinpoint the reason for the pain, yet I was still left with the emotion, hurt and confusion? I also tried hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP and these didn’t seem to hit the target either.

I first encountered  EFT briefly in 2005 during a painful separation and consequent divorce. My first session was with a trainee and something definitely shifted. The best £10 investment?!  I even went to Dunblane to do a level 1 course. I have since completed level 2 twice (I said I was a slow learner!). I have been serious with EFT for many years now and for me EFT does what it says on the tin. 

Without EFT I am quite certain I would have been stuck in the hole.

I remain a work in progress……



 Trapped in a cycle of emotional distress and physical pain; to embracing a new way of living, feeling empowered and accepting myself. This is how my life changed after EFT.

Since childhood I have struggled with not feeling good enough. This impacted on everything I did but mostly on how I saw myself as a mother. I have always loved children, especially babies and very young children. I trained as a nursery nurse and have always worked in some capacity with children. Having my own children was really important to me and I loved being a mother, but I felt I failed at it! It was part of a long line of things in my life I felt I failed at.

Though EFT I was able to change the way I saw myself, step out of my comfort zone and embrace a new way of living!

Because of the impact it has had on me, I am very passionate about EFT; it’s a very powerful tool. Having experience of working with children, I believe it should be taught in schools from a young age.

Presenting at the gathering is totally out of my comfort zone. I still don’t know how I ended up on stage last year – speaking in public is something I was convinced I would run a mile from…. hopefully I will not do this and stay and share my personal story with you in the hope of showing how EFT has the capacity to heal and bring a fractured family back together.



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