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SUNDAY 2:30pm

Acing Recovery

My presentation will be about working with addictions. How EFT was such a major part of my own recovery journey. What part trauma played and how coming across the “ACE Study” made me realise just how vital it is to address these experiences from early life.

The ACE study is the Adverse Childhood Experiences research which gave scientific credibility to what many people already knew and that was the impact these unresolved traumas were having in many areas of peoples lives but I don’t think anyone could imagine just to what extent the impact could be.

The Ace Test is ten questions that asks about experiences of abuse, neglect and dysfunction before the age of eighteen years. 

I will also be speaking about the people I work with who are mostly recovering from drug addiction and how using EFT together with the ACE Study and passing on what I have learnt through my own experiences over the years is helping these wonderful courageous people reclaim their lives too.

Trevor Tacey

Well, two days ago I celebrated reaching sixty-eight years young. I have been married to my wonderful wife for thirty-four years and she really is a special person. 

We have three children Theresa, Simone and Jack and they have five children between them, so I have plenty to keep me busy.

I also celebrated being in recovery for twenty-one years on 22nd May  and that is a miracle not just to me but my family and most of the people who know me.

Most of my working life has been spent in the construction industry. I was a fabricator-welder and worked mostly on power stations. I have recently retired for about the fifth time, my family seem to find this amusing but I have assured them this is the final time.

I love gardening and I am lucky enough to live in the countryside. I find gardening therapeutic and have always had an affinity with the outdoors. I own a dog called Peanut two ferrets (no names) and a Harris hawk called Kira, that I fly when I can. 

I still fish and camp but not as much as I used to but I do love taking the Grandchildren out and showing them how to fish.

My life has changed beyond my wildest dreams and all I need to do is maintain it. EFT has been a major part of this process. Life is an adventure if I don’t get in the way.

Love and Kind Regards. Trevor.




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