Self-Compassion EFT Workshop 24th January 2020


Friday workshop Self-Compassion EFT with Gwyneth Moss.

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As people helpers we find that compassion for others can come easily and naturally. Yet towards ourselves its judgement and self-criticism which are the default.  Then we wonder why we can help others and yet we struggle to help ourselves with EFT.

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master presented Self-Compassion with EFT at the EFT Gathering 2019 and you can hear her moving demonstration with Penny in the Recordings of 2019

Join this workshop for full explanation of this profound technique, live demonstrations, exercises and discussion.

Gwyneth says: when we are young criticism from family and peers is scary and isolating, so we all learn to avoid it by anticipating criticism and judging ourselves first before others do. When we do it ourselves we do it really well.  We become the zealous prosecutor and there is no defence.

The Self-Compassion with EFT technique aims to undo the younger self’s learning of self-criticism by connecting the younger self to the compassionate adult self. Or to put it another way what if you could reach across time and space to be the secret, imaginary best friend that the younger you needs? Because you know what its like for them, and you can see the bigger picture, s who more than you can find the words to comfort and inform? Who more than you can connect with compassion?

Self Compassion with EFT draws on Attachment Theory, Transactional Analysis, Soul Retreival and Self Compassion research to create a beautiful, profound and moving process of healing.