Duality Tapping Workshop 27th January 2020


Monday workshop. Duality Tapping with Linda Wood

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A day with Linda is not to be missed and this is a rare opportunity to learn from her here in the UK.

Linda says: Some years ago, I was introduced to a technique for exploring the flow of consciousness. How we flow between fear and desire for something and its opposite. On its own, it is an amazing mental tool, but once I began experimenting with and adding what I call “Flow tapping,” I soon realized, that this combination becomes a gold mine for helping us DISCOVER and CLEAR those hidden denied parts of ourselves that are so difficult to get to by ourselves.

The Tapping Methods that I have added to this technique become a ‘road map’ , helping us know how to navigate our own issues and also helping us navigate our clients to find their deepest most hidden, denied parts of themselves and specific events which are holding their unbalanced repeated patterns of behaviour in place, patterns which are preventing them from moving towards what they are wanting in their lives.

A day of teaching, demonstration and exercises for all who are familiar with tapping.