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Gwyneth Moss at EFT Gathering

Surrogate Tapping

Effective and Ethical Distance EFT

Workshop 25 September – £80

Gwyneth Moss has developed the Three Phase Surrogate Tapping Protocol to effectively and ethically offer distance healing to animals, children and others.

At Ilkley Healing Centre  8 Nelson Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HN West Yorkshire

Gwyneth Moss EFT Gathering

What Will You Learn?

You’ll feel confident offering surrogate tapping 

You’ll know how to find the words and three ways to approach offering EFT at a distance

You’ll be able to tap with an owner for their pet or a mother for her child

The ethics of surrogate tapping will become clear to you and you’ll know what not to do

Getting yourself out of the way will be easier and you’ll clear your own stuff too

Trusting your intuition will feel more natural

You’ll gain hands on experience from practice in the class 

Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth Moss – Surrogate Tapping

Monday 25th September

Have you tried surrogate tapping but struggled to find the words?  Gwyneth developed the 3 Phase approach to teach ethical and effective surrogate tapping for animals, children and others. Children love tapping but sometimes its gentler for a friend or parent to offer remote help. Teaching, demonstration, exercises and discussion.

12 People Max, Don’t Miss Out!

Highly interactive workshop with full explanation of surrogate tapping, demonstrations, exercises and discussion.  BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW

Ilkley Healing Centre

Our venue is close to the centre of town. Tea and coffee are provided and you can bring your own lunch or go out to local cafes. Ilkley is easy to get to by road and rail.  Ilkley Page

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