Buy EFT Gathering 2020 Tickets and Get Gifts

Buy tickets for EFT Gathering 2020 and choose a set of recordings from our previous events as your gift.  Add either the EFT Gathering 2018 or the EFT Gathering 2019 audios to your Cart with your tickets. Use coupon code early2020 in your Cart and the price of one set of Audios will be deducted from your total.

Your purchase confirmation email has the link and password for your audios and acts as your ticket, so please print or save it so that you can continue to access your audios

 Members of the EFT Guild get immediate access to recordings each year and to our archive going back 10 years. The EFT Guild is an online community designed to keep the spirit of the Gathering going all year by offering online practice, learning and support groups, audio and video resources and forum. 

To join the EFT Guild you need to have completed EFT training to Level Two. Check out what we offer The EFT Guild

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